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What is an SR22?



SR‑22 insurance is not actually insurance. It’s a “certificate of insurability” sometimes required for high-risk drivers. SR‑22 filings are also referred to as an SR‑22 bond, SR‑22 certificate, or SR‑22 form, depending on the state.

If you were convicted of a DUI or had your license suspended or revoked, or just had too many tickets in too little time, you might need SR‑22 auto insurance. It’s also usually necessary if you were at fault for an accident when driving without insurance. Without an SR‑22 filing, there’s likely no getting back your driver’s license or registration.

 These forms are usually issued by your insurance company to certify that you are carrying the state minimum coverage required for liability insurance. What happens if you cancel your car insurance? The insurance company will let the state know about the canceled coverage right away by filing an SR‑26 form.

SR‑22 insurance is usually necessary for a certain period of time, which varies depending on the reason for your license suspension or revocation. If you or your insurance company has filed an SR‑22 filing and you cancel your insurance policy, then you should expect revocation of your license and registration. You’ll also go back to square one when it comes to how long you must have an SR‑22 auto insurance filing.

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